10 Services for ERP
PT. Delta Solusi Nusantara

Accounting and Financial Management: This service allows for the integration of financial data from multiple departments and locations, providing real-time financial reporting and analysis.

Supply Chain Management: This service streamlines the flow of goods and materials, from procurement to delivery, and can include inventory management, logistics, and transportation planning.

Human Resources Management: This service automates and centralizes HR processes such as recruitment, performance management, and benefits administration.

Customer Relationship Management: This service manages customer interactions and data, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: This service provides real-time data and analytics to support decision-making, with capabilities such as data visualization, reporting, and predictive modeling.

Manufacturing and Production Management: This service manages the production process, including planning, scheduling, and execution of manufacturing operations.

Project Management: This service helps to manage projects, including budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Point of Sale: This service manages transactions and inventory at the point of sale, and can integrate with other ERP services such as accounting and inventory management.

Procurement: This service manages the procurement process, including purchase order creation, vendor management and invoice approvals

Asset Management: This service helps to manage and track company assets, including hardware, software and other physical assets.

Warehouse Management Systems
Inventory Management