Digitalized Solution

System is the main driving tool for the company. Selection of a system that fits the needs will significantly improve the company's performance.

Digital solution DSN will help your company in carrying out digital transformation through end-to-end services for various industries. We come with various solutions for business needs including Software as a Service (SaaS), E-Commerce, to System Integration. Through this service the company can improve business performance well.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Any Business 


Point of Sales Software to manage your small or large FnB process


Digital School to make any study wit easy come


Internet of Things will help you to get any data from anywhere


Customer Relation Management Software will help your business


Human Resources Software to manage your employee


Data Visualisation to get any Graph Report


Services from Delta to make your business will growth 

Digital Assesment

Digital Assessment is here as a service to measure, design, and improve corporate IT governance in line with your business strategy.

  • Maturity Score

Get benchmarks and objective IT maturity level values through measurement frameworks that are in accordance with work
industry standards  and best practices.

  • Governance Recommendations

Increase the company's IT maturity level with recommendations based on areas of improvement and high level strategies
that suit your business.

  • Governance Checklist

Realize good IT governance by implementing complete and comprehensive standardization, and in accordance with the
principles and policies of SOE IT governance.


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